Fabrizio Paterlini «Now» (eng.)

Album “Now” by Italian pianist and composer Fabrizio Paterlini – is the music for those who know what’s what in sadness. In fact – that’s it. It seems to me to be the most precise and succinct definition of the music that you discover for yourself during these 11 out of sight compositions. I’d say this album is both enthralling and frightening. Enthralling because once you turn on the first composition, you won’t be able to stop. You’ll listen the full album to the end. At least once. But most probably it will be set on repeat mode for many-many times without stop. And even if you fall asleep while listening and wake up in the middle of the night realizing it, you won’t turn your player off. Because nighttime is even the better time for this kind of music. There is exactly where the slightly “frightening element” of this album is hidden. If this music were a glassy surface of the sea (sea slick) you would dare to look at, pictures of unseen beauty, drifting in front of you, would have tempt you to the depth.. would have spellbound and mesmerized you.. pulling you farther and farther.. closer and closer to abyss.. You wouldn’t even notice that you are already under the water and actually you don’t breathe .. and you go deeper and deeper.. and there is no way back – there’s only water all around wherever you can see. But you don’t care. You’re enjoying the beauty, you wrapped-up by the beauty, even if it’s the last thing you see or feel in your life. This album has the same magical effect – if the drop of sadness is kept quiet somewhere in the bottom of your soul, even the tiniest one, which you don’t even notice or pretend that it doesn’t exist, trying to hide it behind the tons of smiles, laughter and fun, this album will definitely find this drop.. Will find it, saturate it, let it free, let it grow and will make to turn into ocean.. which, most probably, will flood you. Each note will call to your heart with its ineffable subtlety, each note will make your soul pine for everything that it has ever lack of. Each note will get ahold of you and will make you finally face all the depth of your loneliness, sadness and abandonment that you have ever had in your heart.
Having listened one composition from “Now” it’s impossible to tear yourself away from the album. Having listened the album it’s impossible not to fall in love with Fabrizio Paterlini. His name along with his music will forever commit itself to your memory; with its tiniest vibrations will leave indelible mark in your soul. And there could be no question any more whether soul has a voice or how does it sound like – all of these sounds of piano, strings and percussion without a doubt a sound of the soul on its heart-to-heart confession. Sometimes there a question arises how is it possible to survive in the modern world for the man, who has this kind of feeling in his heart, who feels so deep and so delicately. And for sure before each time you start to listen to the album, you should ask yourself a question, whether you are ready for such overwhelming sadness and deep emotions. You need to be aware of the kind of journey you are setting off when you push a button “play”. Though, frankly speaking, this question doesn’t have any sense at all.:) Because whatever the answer is, if you’ve listened the album at least once, you won’t be able to resist its beauty, you won’t resist a desire to dive into atmosphere of exility, when classic with all its elegance and subtlety becomes a true integral part of modern life, when classic is perceived to be so natal and close, as a gentle and soothing touch of a friend, who knows exactly what you feel, knows what you are going through and he’s with you.. sharing your burden.. sharing your most piercing heartaches.. and with his home-felt light he eases your hardest moments.
If you want to know the worth of your feelings, if you want to live through the depth of all your deepest emotions – album “Now” is the best companion for this kind of trial.. With this music the trial will be turned into a journey of a fairytale beauty. And you will sail along the shores of the unseen beauty under the dazzling rays of light and you will admire the purest sky blue sea waves and experience the happiest sad minutes of your life.

1. After Ther Rain There Will Always Be The Sun
2. Not From The Past, Not For The Future
3. Summer Nights
4. Darkness Is Not The Opposite Of Light
5. Iceland
6. My Perfect Time
7. Silent Eyes
8. Unrequited #4
9. Harmattan
10. Behind The Sky
11. Finale


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